About Mathlabs

Our technology creates profound, multi-layered maps of the world's complex information space, formulating millions of concepts, entities, capabilities and patterns, and uncovers valuable dynamics in a way that humans alone cannot achieve

Research core

The Math Labs platforms are built on continuous fundamental research within the firm

Client-value led

Our purpose is to drastically, positively move the needle for our clients and avoid capability builds that are not targeting our clients’ key challenges.


The firm brings together varied streams of math/capabilities to solve problems. We are inspired by the value of what can be achieved together.

Our Team

A team of exceptional PhD mathematicians, physicists, and engineering researchers, led by experts from McKinsey Digital and top NASDAQ-listed companies

Headshot of Erez Raanan
Erez Raanan
CEO - Co-Founder

Ex Global Leader of McKinsey Digital and Analytics Ventures. MBA from Harvard Business School. BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Headshot of Prodipto Ghosh
Prodipto Ghosh
Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Ex Lead Scientist at McKinsey. B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, MBA in quantitative methods from IIM-B. Masters in Quantitative Finance from LBS.

Headshot of Tomer Raanan
Tomer Raanan
Chief Technology Officer

Ex Engineering Leader at Monday.com, VP Engineering at Otonomo mobility and 10+ years R&D leadership in intelligence units. MBA from the Tel Aviv University and a BSc in Computer Science and Finance.

Headshot of Dr. Rudolf Kohulak
Dr. Rudolf Kohulak
Lead AI Scientist

PhD Applied Mathematics from UCL. Masters in Mathematical Modelling.

Headshot of Dr. Edward Bennett
Dr. Edward Bennett
AI Scientist

PhD in Mathematics. Masters in Math from the Oxford University.

Headshot of Dr. Gim Seng NG
Dr. Gim Seng NG
Sr. AI Scientist

PhD in High Energy Physics from Harvard University.

Headshot of Dr. Jack Skipper
Dr. Jack Skipper
Sr. AI Scientist

Ex PostDoc Applied Mathematics, at University of Warwick.

Headshot of Dr. Joey Reiness
Dr. Joey Reiness
Sr. AI Eng Researcher

PhD Particle Physics. Masters MSci in Physics from Cambridge University.

Headshot of Dr. Michael Wilsher
Dr. Michael Wilsher
AI Scientist

PhD in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Bristol.

Headshot of Dr. Oliver Sargent
Dr. Oliver Sargent
Sr. AI Eng Researcher

PostDoc Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Headshot of Dr. Ray Otsuki
Dr. Ray Otsuki
Sr. AI Scientist

PhD in Theoretical Physics. Integrated Master's in Physics from Imperial College.

Headshot of Dr. Reihane Rahimilarki
Dr. Reihane Rahimilarki
AI Scientist

PhD Electrical Engineering from Northumbria University.

Headshot of Ryan Singh
Ryan Singh
AI Scientist

Masters in Mathematics from Oxford University.

Headshot of Shaked Or
Shaked Or
Full Stack Engineer

Computer Science and Neuroscience double major from Bar Ilan, ex intelligence forces.

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