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Specialized Insights for Technical Engagement and Growth Investment

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Specialized communities, forums, discussion boards and non-traditional World data sources at scale.

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The most advanced NLP engines for modern sources, deriving a profound understanding of growth factors, audience, intents and sentiments

Buy-side Investors

Evaluate companies, products and technologies that you are considering investing into or acquiring using a unique set of value, traction and momentum signals.


Target Audiences and Grow Engagement Identify and assess high priority Developer audiences based on their needs and intent and execute audience specific strategies.


Intent based Leads, homing in on users who are seeking solution to a current challenge or seeking to replace their existing solution based on specific pain points.


Understand 'wow factors', 'challenges and pain points of users in regard to your and your competitors' products and quickly surface valuable product feedback.

Generative engagement

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Drive Growth with valuable, non-traditional signals generated by the most advanced proprietary Natural Language Understanding engine and based on alternative data access on a no-code self-serve platform.